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Design Process

DwB was founded with the belief in the role design has to play to improve living conditions, save lives and promote healthy, sustainable and scalable positive impact in communities all over the world.

This guiding philosophy, widely recognized as human-centred or user-centred design, underscores our unwavering commitment in all our work to gaining a deep understanding of needs, desires, and constraints of product and service users throughout every stage of the design process. In addition, we place paramount importance on forging strong partnerships with local collaborators to facilitate the seamless adoption of interventions, transfer of design knowledge and to enhance growth in local capacity


Explore our collection of toolkits used across a range of projects. These handy tools can be repurposed for your own projects. Contact us for more information on how to leverage these resources.

AKI - A financial literacy kit

AKI is a game-based toolkit that introduces the concept of cash to beneficiaries and increases their financial literacy. It’s a fun way to show how different financial decisions affect real-life family situations. Participants of the board game have to consider how best to invest and spend their money and achieve their set goals, through a selection of activities like buying a cow, investing in school fees, saving for emergencies etc. Along the way the participants are hit with relatable positive and negative scenarios that they must navigate.

Twogere - A Reproductive Health Assessment Too

Twogere is an engagement tool that targets both young women and men of reproductive age (17 years+). The tool includes reflective scenarios that allow participants to respond using a player game-board that is then assessed by the group facilitator. As participants share the reasoning behind their choices, the dialogue reveals information about both their experience with family planning as well as general challenges and needs in regards to SRH.

Health Innovation Toolkit

Design of a Health Innovation Toolkit to support innovators to navigate the Healthcare Ecosystem in Uganda.