We are a team of Industrial, Product and Service designers, applying human-centred design to create impactful solutions to global challenges..

Design Consultancy

We work with our clients using design approaches to understand user needs and develop appropriate solutions.

Design Training

We provide capacity building on the relevance and application of design practices for various audiences.

Innovation, Research & Development

We leverage our expertise to explore, co-create and test in-house solutions for mass production.


The DwB Fellowship programme.

Learn more about the annual DwB Africa fellowship programme where we take our fellows through hands-on practical experiences in design projects, supplemented by interesting lectures and talks by our experienced DwB staff.


The knowledge exchange at the DwB Design Fellowship was on a massive scale. Even as a designer and maker I still learnt a lot from the other fellows and from the DwB team

Silas Byakutaga, 2019 Cohort fellow


The Impact of DwB working with Uga Stove you cannot say it is 1 or 2, it is millions. (DwB) has helped us strengthen the quality control and technical team, we have to look ahead and have a sense of improving our product on design. Even if DWB is not here in the future.

Rehma Nayazze - CEO, UgaStove


We are very pleased with the contribution from Design without Borders – we strongly believe that the human centred design approach has a lot to contribute in the context of which Unicef operates. The professionalism of the designers and the quality of the delivery exceeded our expectations by far. We highly recommend Design without Borders for UN agencies and other organisations who want to be innovative and forward-thinking.

Sharad Sapra, UNICEF Global Innovation Centre


DwB gave me an idea of what customers want to see. What should be the message of the packaging. Now I know what I previously did not. The packaging must appeal to the customer

Dr Moses Musaazi - creator of the MakaPad and Managing Director of Technology for Tomorrow





Projects Completed


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