Family Planning and Reproductive Health Tool


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The Challenge:

Many women and couples in Uganda do not use contraception because the methods and services available to them do not satisfy their preferences or needs, which are widely variable. In spite of various innovations, the prevalence rate of contraceptive use is still low.


Through the application of combined methods from anthropology, human centered design and gamification, DwB developed a game based assessment tool, that is removing the greatest sexual reproductive health barrier, silence. The goal is to apply knowledge from the game to the design and development of innovations in family planning methods or services. 

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 DwB created a simple tool called Twogere, that targets groups of both young women and men of reproductive age (17 years and above). The concept includes thought provoking scenarios, to which the participants' response on a game-board is assessed by the game facilitator,  indicating both their experience with family planning and SRH, and the reasoning behind their choices.

Twogere is both a learning and assessment tool that enables participants during gameplay to  share their perspectives on family planning and reproductive health issues. This is a great and simple way to gather formative data to understand people's needs, preferences and behaviours.

Twogere is a resource for:

  • Education and training programmes
  • Engaging key populations
  • Health care workers and peer educators
  • Addressing complex sexual health misconceptions
  • Assessing behavior and common practices


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