Providing easier access to financial markets through USSD technology

In 2019, ALTX, a financial institution that focuses on stock exchange, in collaboration with MTN, set out to provide easier access to financial markets by using text-driven USSD technology, enabling customers to trade using their mobile money. DWB joined as a collaborator to design an intuitive USSD menu to ensure ease of use, comprehension and adoption by the users.

Partner: ALTX East Africa, MTN Year: 2019 Sector: Service Design

The Challenge:

The vision of the project was to empower a broader scope of users who can access investment services and enable them to trade using their mobile money. ALTX wanted to be able to tap into the market of mobile money users who may not have been exposed to such investment and financial market services. 

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 DWB conducted a series of  workshops with youth MTN subscribers and agents to introduce and understand their level of awareness on capital markets, and a testing session  that had the users independently interact with ALTX’s USSD menus while collecting feedback on frustrations and satisfaction.


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The insights gained from the customers’ feedback resulted in discussions on how the service could be re-designed in a manner that would make users welcoming to the new concept, as well as easily understand what exactly the services offer. DWB proposed a new customer journey based on a USSD menu that incorporated improvements like a welcoming message to new clients, using simple and clear language, communicating service charges, setting up a convenient feedback system, educating the user, and setting up learning for the users prior to service use. 

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 Introducing the new service, Lumba, ALTX East Africa was able to introduce MTN subscribers to explore a low-risk alternative to growing their income by investing in government bonds. The re-designed USSD menus were more intuitive and used terms that users were familiar with. They also gave users the opportunity to learn more about securities, financial markets, and other related terms to give them a transparent understanding of the services being offered.


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