Abbarci Rolex Kiosk

Redesigning a rolex kiosk that makes use of gas as an energy source

In 2018, Design without Borders Africa, together with Abbarci Gas, a company specialising in the production of liquified petroleum gas (LPG), set out to collaboratively develop a kiosk suited to the needs of ‘rolex’ vendors in and around Kampala, and provide gas as an alternative to the more commonly used charcoal.

Partner: Abbarci Gas Year: 2018 Sector: Product Design

The Challenge:

Abbarci Gas had set out to develop a suitable rolex kiosk for local vendors, that was in line with design criteria the company had already highlighted. They had developed a prototype of the kiosk, and required the product and industrial design expertise from Design Without Borders to fit the needs of the kiosk users including ventilation, flexibility and optimal usability, that would also fit within the company’s production cost budget. Initial concept ideas and an existing prototype for the kiosk was shared by the Abbarci team, which highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the existing design, and priority areas of improvements to be made. 


Through back-and-forth engagements between the Abbarci production team and DWB, research visits and interactions with ordinary rolex vendors, and material exploration, design criteria for the kiosk were re-evaluated to include usability and comfort, mobility, security and sanitation. 

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 Internal brainstorming and ideation sessions based on feedback led to the conceptualization and further prototyping of a modified rolex kiosk that was bigger in size, divided into two zones for preparation and cooking, could accommodate two people working inside, with sufficient ventilation, heat insulation, storage space, water supply and powered by a solar panel on the roof.


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