Eisten Technologies

Quality scales for local markets

Design without Borders entered the collaboration with Eisten Technologies with the aim to help build the capacity of the company to produce a high quality mercantile weighing scale that will contribute to increase in sales, customer satisfaction and build a high quality company brand.

Partner: Eisten Technologies Ltd. Year: ... Sector: Product Design

The Challenge:

Eisten Technologies Ltd manufactures and sells mercantile weighing scales and weighing stones. Their target market is micro and small-scale businesses as well as low income households in Uganda. Amidst a decline in the market for manual scales, as people move to digital scales, Eisten Technologies’ weighing scale was outdated and of low quality. 

Research and design development methods:

• Hands-on co-creating workshops

• Market research

• Prototyping and testing of different ideas


• Reduction in production time

• Reduction in material cost

• Increased product recognition