Design Research.

We use an integrated human centered approach to design our research. Leveraging both quantitative and qualitative methods, we aim to deliver the best outcomes for every community we work with. Our team is composed of researchers from across disciplines who collaborate with our designers. This ensures that a wide scope of knowledge informs our work. From behavioral science and economics to game-based learning and co-creation, every relevant input matters to our outcome.

Our design research studies are aimed at uncovering new approaches and opportunities to tackle challenges. DwB has been trained in the Positive Deviance approach. Positive Deviance refers to the existence of individuals/communities that have ‘deviated’ from conventional societal expectations. These communities have explored successful alternatives to harmful societal norms, beliefs or perceptions in their community. This is a key guiding theory of change within all our design research work.

These deviations prove that the target audience can achieve the desired change within the existing societal constructs. In our work, we have seen that this approach succeed. By influencing behavior change, it addresses the limitations of other traditional change management theories.