Design course.

The design course is an opportunity for DwB to share contextualized human-centered design principles drawn from over 20 years of experience in product, service and systems design. The course package is broken down into 4 phases of the design process; Discover, Define, Develop & Deliver.

Course details.

Short stories

Inspired by African storytelling traditions, each phase is introduced by a short animated story narrated for the learners, with significant mindsets captured throughout the events of the story.

Case studies

To add to the theoretical principles being shared, a number of DwB case studies are highlighted within this course, drawn from real-life projects across different disciplines.

Course workbooks

Printable workbooks are provided for every phase to enable the learners actively document their assignments/fieldwork, and allow for feedback from the DwB team.

Content presentations

The content for each of the design phases has been laid out in a visual presentation that the learner can go through with minimal/no support needed. However, the DwB team is available to provide learning support as required.

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