With an aim to continuously grow design capacity across Africa, DwB has a number of programs and resources available.

The DwB Annual Design Fellowship aims to engage young design aspirants over 3 months to enable the transfer of both theoretical and practical core skills in product and service design.

Our design workshops are tailored to different target groups, allowing our participants to rapidly learn, explore and execute specific phases of the design process within existing DwB projects, and external design challenges.

The DwB Design Clinic; is a program where innovators can access DwB’s continuous design mentorship services all through their project journey and allows our team to accompany the client with the utmost engagement from start to finish.

Another of our recent initiatives is a Design Course developed to provide human-centered design principles for the African context. The course package comes with short animated stories, practical case studies, printable workbooks, and guidance from our team of in-house designers.

DwB Fellowship Programme.

To understand project context and challenges and assessing needs. 

In the annual DwB Africa fellowship programme we take our fellows through hands-on practical experiences in design projects, supplemented by interesting lectures and talks by our experienced DwB staff.

The Design Clinic.

DwB’s Design Clinic brings to young innovators, enterprises, NGOs and government agencies much needed advisory services in product/service design.

Design Workshops.

DwB has many years of experience with facilitating a variety of different types of workshops.

Design Course.

With countless design resources available today, DwB realized a gap with those tailored particularly for the African context. “HCD Stories from East Africa” highlights and elaborates on crucial mindsets necessary when going through the design process, through the lens of African storytelling.