Centered Design.

Design Without Borders has more than 14 years of experience in using the Human Centred Design (HCD) process in development contexts. The tools from the HCD field are especially well suited for designers researching and developing solutions for unfamiliar cultures, regions and contexts. We believe that the people who live with the challenges in developing countries every day are the ones who hold the keys to the answers and solutions to the challenges. As such, they have the capacity and potential to be innovators and valuable resources within the creative process. Therefore, DwB designs with people – not for people – and acts as a facilitator rather than an expert.

In this way, the HCD tools don’t offer end solutions per sé, but instead amplify voices within communities while allowing their needs and desires to guide the creation and implementation of solutions. Thus, we believe our approach has the potential to yield greater results compared to other actors in the field.


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