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Design is problem solving and we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives. Our current portfolio of social impact projects have been through research, ideation and rapid testing. They address significant challenges, support self-sustainability and create social impact. All of these projects are ready to launch into the next phase but are dependent on external funding This is a possibility to support our work and fund projects important for the African continent.

DwB Africa
Design Fellowship 2021

“We are training
a new generation of
African product and service designers!”

Core Themes:

Contextual Design.

Ethnographic Research.

Innovation Management.

Human Centered Design.

Design Principles.

Professionalism & Ethics.


Long term economic growth and social development in Africa is dependent on innovation and job creation. We think of design as the ‘language of innovation’ playing a critical role in bringing innovative ideas to life. There is a huge skills gap in the product and service development industry in Africa today – where design professionals with complex contextual problem-solving skills are lacking.


SUBJECTS: Product & Service Design
DURATION: 9 Months (860 Hours)
ELIGIBILITY:Youth graduates, worldwide

As part of our mission to develop design talent, DwB has engaged youth in Uganda through student competitions, lectures, workshops and internships successfully reaching over 5000 youth between 2015 and 2020.

In 2019 we launched the Annual Design Fellowship Program to advance our efforts to build capacity in design. Based upon a highly successful pilot we want to scale and improve our program.

Our objective is to provide east-Africa with talented and trained designers with the aim of advancing design-driven innovation in Africa.

Over the course of 9 months, our fellowship trains youth with different university backgrounds in industrial product and service design, covering 6 core modules. Within these modules, theory is alternated with practical exercises, case projects and a personal project, with the training delivered through a combination of virtual, in-person sessions and field work/studies. Aim of developing practical skills through real life problem solving.

The program is groundbraking (Ugandaen designers teaching Africans) and challenging.

Funded of $250000 goal

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