The Design

Through the clinic, DwB, aims to work with entities to give quick design insights and guidance on the development of new product/services, the improvement of existing offerings or on the strategies aimed at enabling a creative process for the development of innovative products/services. As part of DwB's efforts to promote design training, the Design Clinic also extends continuous design mentorship and coaching services to entities that are looking to actively learn design Human Centered Design methods and apply them to their ongoing projects.


Open an account to register a case with the Design Clinic online or by calling Design without Borders Africa on phone number +


Provide a brief with business description, value proposition, possible area of concern or design need and additional information.


The DwB team will look through the application and reach out with confirmation of receipt.


Over a period of 1- 2 weeks the design team at DwB will evaluate your case, making additional inquiries where necessary.


Inception meeting with the client to discuss a possible approach to addressing the clients problem, schedule, deliverables and pricing.


Design clinic engagements are either short term or long term. Short term engagements last 1-3 months whereas long term engagements last 4-6months.


  1. Bi-weekly progress meetings a documented design recommendations (excludes site/field visits)
  2. All above + support during implementation (includes site visits/field trips where necessary)
  3. All above + Evaluation of results and followup
  4. Support with all design related needs. (Retainer agreement)


  1. Basic Package: $300 per month
  2. $800 – 1200
  3. $2000 -$4000
  4. Support with all design related needs. (Retainer agreement)