Design without Borders has received and been nominated for prestigious awards thanks to some of the innovative and ground-breaking work we have accomplished in collaboration with our partners:

Twice a finalist in the INDEX – Design to Improve Life Award:

2015: The “AKI Financial Literacy Kit”

2013: The “Ecological urinal”

The paediatric wheelchair customized to the needs of children in Guatemala,
developed together with Transiciones, was a “runner up” for the Core77 Design Awards in 2013.

Irish Planning Institute’s International Planning Award – 2014: The Master plan for the network of bicycle routes in Guatemala City won the Irish Planning Award in 2014. The bicycle network was a project collaboration between Design without Borders and the Municipality of Guatemala City. From the Jury citation:“The judging panel considered this project to be outstanding as it marks the first successful attempt made by a Latin American city to develop a cycling network against the backdrop of car domination and urban motorways. Construction of a separated cycle track along the premier avenue, as part of a larger cycling network, also marked the beginning of a turnaround in the attitude to social space and restoration of the old historic colonial core to become a destination and a popular promenade. The jury noted that the project benefitted highly from involvement of Irish planning/architectural professionals alongside the Design without Borders NGO as neutral project leader and facilitator of an unprecedented communication between the municipality and local cyclists.”