Currently, DwB’s work in the healthcare industry is as diverse as it is necessary. Our team has designed, developed, and optimised several health care products. Our aim has always been to increase accessibility and safety, while decreasing the cost. We have also managed the design and development of safety devices for the transportation industry.

For example, in our partnership with the Norwegian organisation Laerdal Medical, we created the MamaNatalie New Born simulator. This durable, portable and affordable birthing simulator facilitates effective training for nurses as they learn to control bleeding after birth. This is the leading cause of maternal death.

We also partnered with the Instrumentation Division of the Uganda Industrial Research Institute (UIRI). During this project, we designed the casing for an Electronically Controlled Gravity Feed (ECGF) infusion set. This device ensures the safe administration of intravenous fluids and drugs to children. Our product helped to avoid the prohibitive expenses and inappropriate alternatives that existed on the Ugandan market.