Why donate to/
Invest in DwB?

Design without Borders is founded with the conviction that design and designers can contribute to improving the lives of people in low and middle-income countries and areas of crisis.

We are simultaneously building up a self-sustainable design agency and a body for non-profit activities with high social impact.

In order to scale our non-profit activity, launch projects and create substantial social impact we need your donations and / or funding.

We are on the doorstep of a irreversible environmental, humanitarian and financial crisis.

Covid-19 has magnified preexisting problems and inequalities in our societies and particularly in low to middle income countries. Homelessness, lack of education for children and youths, vulnerable groups, unemployment, mental health, climate, environment and food security are social problem areas.

Design is problem solving, and maybe its time to choose to support quick and daring initiatives?

How can I be sure money is spent
wisely, the projects implemented
and create impact?

Since 2001, the organisation has worked successfully, to design appropriate solutions and services that serve disadvantaged and crisis-affected populations. We are committed to continue on this path.

Based upon 19 yrs of experience we have a sound business- and organizational model, strategy and design expertise for the African context, that creates a high probability for self-sustainability, scaling and social impact.

Monitoring and evaluation of projects are done from the Norwegian office.

Transparency is a must;
we have implemented x-ledger (cloud based finance business system (ERP)) in Norway(2019) and will implement it in Uganda as soon as Covid-19 makes it possible. This gives us real time project insight / control.

We have E&Y as auditors and have outsourced our accounting (Progressum as). On top of this we are member of;

The Norwegian Foundation Association
The Norwegian Fundraising Association

Long term partners