in Africa.

Design Without Borders recognises that innovation is fundamental for stimulating beneficial long term economic and social development in Africa. Innovation plays a critical role in driving value addition through leveraging advanced technology and increasing productivity. Innovation improves lives by providing better products and services and generating higher levels of income and returns. Innovation attracts investment and improves infrastructure. And innovation itself is propelled by design.

The challenge within much of Africa is a skills gap, particularly within the industrial product and service design industry. Professionals in this field have the specialised training to develop innovative product services and systems. They are capable of pushing businesses to harness a competitive advantage and foster economic growth. However, this training is not widely accessible to the eager, innovative communities that seek this practical education.

Therefore, Design without Borders is committed to expanding this skilled capacity on the continent. We aim to showcase the value of this specialised training by designing solutions to be developed and manufactured in Africa. Furthermore, our capacity building initiatives will ensure that the field grows and thrives beyond our own work. Yes, we strive to create design solutions that serve the regional and international markets. But more importantly, we are working towards a world in which Africans design their own solutions. Not only for themselves, but for the world at large.