Designing success in Africa – Interview with Geoffrey Rugazoora CEO at MOGAS GROUP

Geoffrey Rugazoora, MOGAS Group Chief Executive Officer,  has 24 years of experience in the petroleum downstream segment ranging from sales and marketing, trading and operations, strategy and business development, and projects management. Geoffrey has also served on Corporate and Public Boards in East Africa but has deferred such responsibilities to focus on his core responsibility […]

Why does design make sense in the context of development aid? – by Leif Steven Verdu-Isachsen

Leif Verdu-Isachsen is formerly head of Design at the foundation for design and architecture in Norway – Norsk Form,  and responsible for the development of the Design without Borders program from 2009 to 2014. Enabling self-help We live in a world where a person’s opportunities and ability to develop his or her potential are determined by […]

On community access to information – Country director for UNICEF, Sharad Sapra

Dr. Sharad Sapra was born in India and trained as a medical doctor. He joined UNICEF in 1985, and has worked in India, the Maldives, Iran, Bangladesh, South Sudan, and Afghanistan. After serving as the Director of Communication for UNICEF, he is now the UNICEF representative in Uganda. Innovation in general Technological innovation, and in […]

On development cooperation – a personal tale by Per Ø. Grimstad

Per Øystein Grimstad was the Norwegian Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Head of Norad, the Norwegian Govt. Development Organization and the Norwegian Ambassador to South Africa as well as the President of Norconsult AS. He has studied mining engineering, business administration, and finance in Norway, the USA, and Switzerland, respectively. Everyone who has been involved in development cooperation knows that it […]

The resourceful architect – Nabeel Hamdi

Nabeel Hamdi is Professor Emeritus of Housing and Urban Development at Oxford Brookes University. He is widely acknowledged as an expert in participatory planning and has worked on development projects all over the world. He is particularly well-known as the author of Small Change and The Placemaker’s Guide to Building Community. A few years back, […]

Surviving as disabled – Interview with Alex Gálvez, executive director Transiciones

Alex Gálvez, Executive Director of Transitions Guatemala, was a young patient undergoing treatment for the effects of a paralysing gunshot wound when he met a very special North American in Hermano Pedro Hospital. He was suffering from severe bedsores, and the outlook for his recovery was very bleak. Recognising the seriousness of the situation, it […]

Aid and the market: How to transcend the boundaries? – Øyvind Eggen

Øyvind Eggen is a social anthropologist and a senior researcher at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs. He holds a PhD based on fieldwork in Malawi, and has extensive experience from development assistance in African countries. Like most of his neighbours, Michael Madalitso is a very poor, but hardworking farmer. I met him three years […]

Designing alternative transportation systems – Diego Girón Estrada and Alessandra Lossau

Diego Girón Estrada is the co-founder of the Architectural firm Espacio+Entorno, Guatemala. Urban planner for DMU (Dirección de Movilidad Urbana), Municipality of Guatemala City; Responsible for designing, planning, coordination and implementation of the TransMetro system. In charge of the Master Plan for alternative transportation (Bike paths network in Guatemala City). Alessandra Lossau, Director of Urban […]