Bank of Uganda

Design without Borders collaborated with Bank of Uganda, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and Plan Uganda, to develop the Aki – Module Two board game. With the support of GIZ, Bank of Uganda promotes financial inclusion to enable the bulk of the population of Uganda to access a range of financial services, which are appropriate for their needs. Financial Literacy is one of the main pillars to achieve this goal.

The board game is based on the previously designed Aki Financial Literacy Kit that was developed in collaboration with WFP in Uganda for the Karamoja area in Uganda.

“It is one of the few games that encompass the fundamental modules of financial literacy that include budgeting, savings, loan management and short term planning for long term gain, all in one game” – Ali Taha, Technical Officer – Financial Literacy, Agricultural and Rural Finance Programme, GIZ & Bank of Uganda

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